The STFA Group celebrated its 75th year in 2013, when it opened to the public its historic firsts and archives that unfolded the milestones of the evolution of engineering in Turkey.


TIn 2013, the km. 441 – Firsts exhibition at Istanbul Modern introduced visitors to the story of Turkish engineering within the framework of its 75th year anniversary, starting from the 1930s.

The name of the exhibition, km. 441, comes from the concrete bridge that was one of the first works in the partnership between the two founders of the STFA Group, Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya. The focal point of the event, where selections from the 75-year archive of the STFA Group are exhibited, is to display the firsts in the field of construction, architecture, and engineering in Turkey.

While the photographs that Feyzi Akkaya captured throughout his life with his camera, which never left his side, describe the type of urbanization process life in Turkey underwent, the km. 441 Firsts exhibition displayed the history of public works in Turkey and was met with great interest with countless drawings, plans, slides, and 8-mm film selected from the large STFA Group archive.

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