Sustainable Development

In 2013, we shared our sustainability report with our stakeholders, which included STFA’s first 75 years with its pioneering role in Turkish engineering. Adding new steps each year, we continue to update this report, with which we aim to inform how we manage environmental impacts created by our products, services, and activities that guide our economic, environmental, and social performances.

Our strategy of sustainability in waste management aims primarily to reduce the amount of waste, to recycle by separating waste that forms as a result of our operations and to remove unrecyclable waste with appropriate methods through licensed companies. Waste management is conducted in line with the legal requirements found in the national legislation. The monitoring of all processes that pass from the formation to the removal of waste and the checking for compliance with the relevant laws and regulations are managed in the framework of the Waste Management Program.

Waste generated in our headquarters, such as printer toner cartridges, paper, packaging materials and electronic devices fall under the category of waste produced within the premises. There are paper, plastic, glass, metal, packaging, and waste battery collection boxes in buildings for the separate collection of these different types of waste. Employee awareness-raising, promotional work and campaigns are conducted to reduce, separate and collect and recycle this waste.

On the other hand, in project operations, assessable waste is separated at the source where it is formed. The materials collected separately at source are directed to recycling facilities and classified by their type, in partnership with relevant institutions. Waste oil can be used for recycling purposes and are sent to recycling facilities by entering into agreements with licensed companies.
Studies are conducted for the efficient and economic use of resources to generate environmental consciousness, create awareness, and leave a healthier environment that future generations can live in.
Our fundamental goal is to increase the value that we create for our stakeholders while ensuring sustainable growth. We take our biggest strength from our ability to manage change, which can be adapted, as always, to all times and from our quality human resources, while reaching this goal as the STFA Group.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The value placed on developing society has constituted one of the most important characteristics of the corporate DNA of STFA since its foundation.

STFA prioritizes making true and beneficial contributions to  necessary areas as a requirement for communal responsibility and the corporate social responsibility approach. The company adopts the approach of giving back to the community what the founders took from it and works with an approach that values people and protects the environment in all its operations. One of the most important factors behind sustainable success is that all employees internalize and embrace the social responsibility approach, which is an innate part of the institutional culture.

STFA works to contribute to society in many areas, not the least of which is education, with the belief that generations strengthened with education will carry Turkey to the future by producing greater innovation and added value. The largest online learning platform in the world, Khan Academy, which the Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications, an STFA Foundation, brought into Turkish to contribute to equality of opportunity in education, was implemented as a meaningful reflection of the value that STFA places on life-long learning and quality education. Khan Academy TR set out with the goal of providing “a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere”, and it contributes to the equality of opportunity in education, as the non-profit platform becomes a leading digital content provider in Turkish language. The same approach is adopted for high added value and special projects in other areas where social benefit is generated for society, just as it is in education.

STFA views its employees as ambassadors for this approach while strengthening its operations in the field of social responsibility. The human resources that have adopted the corporate culture and values that make up the STFA Group  today, have made significant contributions. The value that Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya placed on people continues to transform into contributions to the society  with the projects they produced and supported for the innovative ideas of employees and for a sustainable future.