In 1938, two young and idealistic civil engineers Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya established STFA, which today is among the most respected institutions in our country with the “firsts” it brings to the sector and the value it adds to the country’s economy. STFA was built on  the strong friendship between Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya, who set off on a difficult journey in the late 1930s, when the construction sector in the country was in the hands of foreigners. STFA has broken new ground with innovation and important achievements during its deep-rooted history accompanying the foundation of the Republic.

STFA obtained the title of the first Turkish contractor to be commissioned construction works/undertake works abroad with the Tripoli Port Construction Project in Libya in 1972, and it consolidated this achievement with later ongoing, significant and important projects. In the following years, STFA further strengthened its leading role in the construction sector as the first Turkish contractor to be commissioned works in Saudi Arabia in 1978, Egypt in 1981, Iran in 1983, Tunisia in 1984, Pakistan in 1992, Oman and Qatar in 2000, and India in 2001. After 1982, STFA also completed significant projects in Turkey, such as the 2nd Bosphorus Bridge and Ring Roads, the Orhaneli Thermal Power Plant, the Golden Horn Tunnels, and Galata Bridge.

While adding dam, road, bridge, tunnel, and maritime structure construction to its expertise in bridge construction and pile work, STFA has become an established actor in the construction sector in Turkey and around the world.

Today, the STFA Construction Group has over 84 years of history and it continues to expand the geographical regions where it provides the highest level of engineering and construction services. STFA Construction has operated for the past 84 years in 24 countries, and it increases its impact in new markets with each day and maintains its place in the global rankings with its experience in succesfully completing works that have thus far exceeded $35 billion, about 70 percent of which is international.

STFA has today become a company that offers complete engineering and construction solutions and a leading institution that brings integrated solutions by developing challenging projects in the following areas:

  • Maritime Construction
  • Engineering / Infrastructure Work
  • Petroleum, Gas, and Energy
  • Ground and Foundation Engineering
  • Engineering and Management Consulting

STFA is expanding its area of influence with the highest level of engineering and construction services, and has completed significant projects in Turkey, North Africa, and the Middle East with the trust it has gained in these regions due to its technical expertise, experience, know-how and the way of doing business.

The fundamental values that have brought success to STFA in the international market are:

  • Passion,
  • Decisiveness,
  • Innovative Ideas,
  • Ability to Correctly Manage Change,
  • Hard Work.


STFA’s Strengths

  • Developing alternative solutions in the field of design and engineering and more effective operations thanks to cost saving and shorter project-completion times
  • Developing effective customer relations by focusing decisively on their leading contractors with public and private sector clients
  • EPC Agreements: the advantages brought by local and technical know-how
  • Implementing an effective occupational health and safety management system approved and recommended by leading international clients and contractors
  • Providing high quality services and products

STFA’s specialization in its field and corporate structure comprising regional business units present STFA with flexibility, expert technical knowledge, a competitive pricing structure, and the important ability of quick response for customers.