• Onshore Investigation Works
• Marine Investigation Works
• Geological Mapping / Topographical Survey Works
– Reconnaissance Survey
– Geological Mapping
– Raw Material Mapping
– Surface Sampling
– Dynamic Soil Analysis
– Topographical Survey Works

• Marine Survey Works
– Bathymetric Surveys
– Single Beam Bathymetry
– Multi Beam Bathymetry
– Hydrographic Survey
– Current Surveying
– Tide Measurements
– Side Scan Sonar Surveying
– Subbottom Profiling
– Sea Bed Resistivity Measurements
– Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
– Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) Sensors
– Grab Sampling
– Vibracore Sampling

• In Situ Test and Monitoring Works
– Static and Dynamic Plate Load Test
– Sand and Baloon Cone Test
– Density Test
– Menard / Oyo Rocktest Pressiometer Test
– Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DPT)
– Cone Penetration Test (CPT and CPTU)
– Sea Bed Cone Penetration Test (CPT, S-CPT and CPT-U)
– California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)
– Rock Anchorage Test
– Water Pressure Test (Lugeon)
– Permeability Test
– Pumping Well Test
– Settlement Beacon Installation and Survey
– GWL Piezometer and Monitoring
– Borehole Vane Test
– Deep Excavation Monitoring Instrumentation
– Earth Dam Instrumentation
– Tunneling Instrumentation
– Geotechnical Instrumentation
– Pile Testing Instrumentation

• Geophysical Measurements
– Electrical Resistivity Measurements
– Thermal Resistivity Test
– Seismic Recraction Test
– Seismic Reflection Test
– Seismic Downhole / Crosshole Test
– PS Logging
– Downhole Logging (SP-SPR-16’’ & 64’’ Resistivite Log Measurements)
– Downhole Natural Gama Ray-Neutron Logging
– Radar Survey

• Laboratory Testing

– Soil Mechanic Tests
– Rock Mechanic Tests
– Soil and Water Chemical Tests,

STFA adheres to a policy of “Reliability, Quality and Experience” policy with all of our soil investigation works. Our services cover a wide range of activities such as; offshore and onshore geotechnical investigations, field and laboratory tests, geotechnical reporting, raw material investigations, soil improvement and remediation works and bathymetry, sub-bottom, side scan surveys and current, tide, and wave measurement in Turkey and all other countries wherever quality and experience is demanded.


• ARAB POTASH Company, New Main Brine Intake Pumping Station Phase 1 And Phase 2 At The Dead Sea Project, Jordan.
• PETRONAS, Carigali Turkmenistan Block I Project, Geotechnical Investigations, Turkmenistan.
• PETRONAS CARIGALI SND BHD, EPCC OF Horizontal Dirct Drilling and Power Cable Installation Project, Turkmenistan
• PENTA OCEAN, Bourgas Port Project, Offshore Geotechnical Investigations, Bulgaria,
• ROMPETROL, Midia Marine Terminal SPM Buoy Project, Offshore Geotechnical Investigations, Romania.
• COPRI / Sinohydro JV, Soil Investigation Works At Kizlbel Site -Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart Road Reconstruction Project, Kyrgyzstan.
• TSGI, Aegan Rafinery Soil Investigation Works, Turkey.
• TAISEI, Marmaray Railway Boshporus Tube Crossing Project, Geotechnical Investigations, Turkey
• HYUNDAI ENGINEERING CO., Tace Mainsite Verification And Marine Soil Investigation, Turkmenistan.
• KOROMKHETI GEORGIA LLC, Koromkheti Hydropower Project, Georgia.
• GAP İNŞAAT, Turkmenbashi International Port Project, Turkmenistan.
• STFA OMAN LIMITED LLC., Musannah Fishery Harbour Nearshore Soil Investigation Project, Oman. • GMMRA, Great Man Made River Project Phase I-IIIII- IV, Geotechnical Investigations, Libya.
• GLOBAL ENERJİ, Karachi Lng Terminal Site And Pipeline Route Offshore Soil Investigations, Geophysical And Hydrographic Surveys, Pakistan.
• TANAP, Along to the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project, CPT Test Works, Turkey.
• OHL, Dimentronic S.A. J.V., Marmaray CR-3 Project, Turkey.
• POLİMEKS İNŞAAT, Ashgabat International Airport Project, Turkmenistan.
• STAR Rafineri A.Ş., Agean Refinery Project, Onhsore and Offshore Geotechnical Investigations, Turkey.
• TOKER, Mersin Akkuyu Nucleer Power Plant Project Onshore and Nearshore Geotechincal Investigation, Turkey.
• NOMAYG J.V., Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge Temporary Design of Wet & Dry Dock Nearshore Geotechnical Investigation and Batymetrical and Topographical Survey, Turkey.