A valuable resource that explains the rooted history and culture of STFA: “FIRST” FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE

STFA is the first Turkish company to carry the knowledge, talent, and equipment of Turkish engineers abroad as well as a pioneer that accompanied the development of the Republic of Turkey, and it has compiled its 75-year history in a book entitled “FIRST”: STFA from The Past to The Future.

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“FIRST” was written specially for the 75th year anniversary after thorough preparation, research and hard work. It talks about the unique techniques, methods, and tools that Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya used as well as the practices they implemented in the field of construction with a modern management approach that even today could be considered visionary. “FIRST” brings to light the 75-year-old archives of the company and does not  just take the reader on an inspiring journey through the 75-year history of STFA but also describes how the foundations for modern changes were laid in the public work services of a nation thanks to the vision of the two friends – the two qualified engineers.

“FIRST” STFA from The Past to The Future must not be seen as only a document that explains the 75-year history of a company; it tells the lives and work experiences of two extraordinary friends and business partners in this book, with a sincere language.

All revenues from STFA’s book, “FIRST”, have been donated to the İnanç Foundation and the Feyzi Akkaya Fundamental Education Foundation.