The Human Resources Management policy in STFA involves not only proactive response to
the specific needs of the company,
but also approaches and implementations to support strategic objectives and performance.

Human resource policies are determined in STFA in view of the special conditions
of the functions and in a way to ensure flexibility for business requirements.

The fundamental purpose in formation of this policy is to put forward the basic principles
on which human resource management applications and priorities are based.

We aim to become a Preferred Employer and to meet the prospective workforce with a global point of view and proactive perspective to acquisition of Talents having STFA values, qualified for the job and ready to support us moving forward.

We take the responsibility of creating an environment of continuous development and opportunity for all employees to constantly improve themselves and realize their potentials.

We aim to foster our employees to create a qualified, successful and multinational talent pool under a culture of open communication and effective performance management where leaders are responsible for the development of the employees.

To ensure continuous success we constantly review the organization, human resources, system and process tracing the performance of our employees to define high potentials for future development.

We encourage the enhancement of geographical and professional mobility through assignments, transfers and rotations global.

Our purpose is to ensure spreading of participating, sharing, transparent culture that values diversity and creativity.

We respect and take into consideration of our employees’ suggestions and expectations.

We work for to create a safe and healthy working environment ethical values are perpetuated and the potentials of our employees are realized.

We work for to provide a competitive compensation and benefit package in line with sectoral and regional dynamics.

We support recognition and award to contributions, success and high performance of our employees.  We encourage employees to assume the accountability for the outcome of their performance.