To be in the top three in the leading international construction company rankings in all areas and markets in which we operate, and to be the most preferred construction company; while producing added value for all our stakeholders as well as the whole world with our ability to correctly analyze, take fast action, and correctly manage change in line with our goals for sustainable growth and a sustainable future.


To provide advantages for sustainable growth and maximizing stakeholder value in light of STFA’s competences and reputation, by focusing on

• areas of competence
• areas of operation
• target customers
• collaboration
• current and new business connections.

STFA will strengthen its position in the current market by maintaining its leading position in the sector and will increase its effectiveness wherever it works in addition to its current operations. It will also strengthen its existing influence with its expertise and experience by considering the changing and developing dynamics of the target markets and by working on synergies and collaborations that will produce more effective techniques to do business.