STFA has a culture where employees, suppliers and subcontractors are committed to quality.

Quality is one of the most important pillars of STFA since founded in 1938. Quality principles of our founders have been shedding light on our daily activities.

STFA Construction Group Companies have been demonstrating the ability of providing the best quality products and services to his customers over 85 years. In fact, STFA has implemented comprehensive quality programs and completed numerous international construction projects since founded.

STFA Construction Group Companies have certified Quality Management Systems complying ISO 9001:2015 standard


STFA’s quality program focuses on his quality management principles and these are;

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties
  • Being a leader to influence, motivate and inspire others.
  • Encourage people to participate to reach the vision
  • Considering risk in each and every action
  • Effective planning and process management
  • “Right First Time” approach for “Zero Defect”
  • Verification of required quality for every phase of implementations
  • Capturing lessons learned / best practices and incorporate with organizational knowledge
  • Continual improvement through monitoring, evaluation and management reviews


Very first objective of STFA is to meet and exceed his customers’ expectations. To do so, STFA controls quality in every stage of implementations and monitors his performance with a variety of tools and applications.

STFA believes; Cost, Time, Quality, and work scope are the main components of customer satisfaction and they shall be controlled firmly.

During all construction activities we undertake; it is our basic policy, to fulfill the Customer’s requirements, with a pre-defined quality, schedule, budget and adequate resources; to provide implementation of continual improvement techniques to achieve excellence.