• Precast Intake Structures
• Pump House Structures
• Underwater Discharge & Intake Pipelines
• Underwater Precast Concrete Culverts
• Rubble Mound Water Intake Basins & Structures

STFA designs and builds water intake and outfall structures. Client requirements and specifications are fulfilled with individually tailored and innovative engineering solutions.

Special techniques and state-of-the-art equipment are used to implement projects. Vented S-bending, bottom-tow and underwater multi-segment assembly techniques can be used for near-shore laying of pipelines. STFA can install up to 1,000 tons of reinforced concrete culvert segments and water intake structures using its own marine fleet.


• Salalah Marine Outfall Project, Oman
• Seawater Intake System for Sohar Industrial Area, Oman
• Saida Sea Outfall, Lebanon
• Küçüksu Sea Outfall, Turkey
• İskenderun Power Plant, Intake and Discharge Line, Turkey
• Marmara Ereğli Power Plant, Intake and Discharge Line, Turkey
• Antalya Sea Outfall, Turkey
• Büyükçekmece Outfall, Turkey
• Ahırkapı Sea Outfall, Turkey
• Ova Power Plant Water Intake, Turkey