Marmara Terminal Ship Berthing Facility

The workmanship contract is the construction of ship berthing facilities and has two phases. The first phase covers the construction of a jetty 290 m. Long and 160 m wide. The water depth is 12 m and the jetty has been designed for 15,000 DWT ships.

Design and Construction Of Lng Berth No.4 and Flares

The Project covers the construction of a LNG Loading Berth with 4 Nos Breasting Dolphins and 8 Nos Mooring Dolphins for 250.000 m3 LNG Carries. Lmcb Reclamation, Brekwater Extension, Berth 5 Reclamation Works.

Adana Gölovasi Jetty

The project covers the workmanship of the piled jetty construction together with concrete works and shore protection.

Gemlik Jetty Construction

The project consists of driving of 595 no’s steel tubular piles each having a length of L=50-65 m. The jetty has an area of 10,000m2. 16,500 m3 of concrete and 2,400 tons of reinforcement was used during the construction.

Construction of Substructures and Caissons of Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge

The project covers; 2×55000 t Caissons as Tower Foundations to be placed to a depth of -40m on seabed including dredging, driving of 390 no’s of Inclusion Piles and Bedding works, Construction of Dry Dock and Wet Dock for Caisson Production, Diaphragm Wall Construction at South Anchorage Area, Anchorage Structures positioned on both side of the Bridge, Approach Bridges Piers and Side Spans Piers for both North and South Site, Reclamation & Revetment works for the South Anchorage Area.

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Caissons for the İzmit Bay Crossing Project

Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning for Container Terminal (berth No. 7) at Mesaieed Port

The cope line for the new Berths 7A and 7B is a straight continuation of the cope line
for the existing Berth 6 and the recently built Temporary Berth 7. Berths 7A and 7B will incorporate the Temporary Berth 7. The combined structure of Berths 7A and 7B will have a final total length of about 485m, including the Temporary Berth 7. The length is defined as the overall length including tie-ins to the existing Berth 6 and the planned Berth 8 (planned Qatalum Jetty).