Nato Pier and Extension, Iskenderun

The Project consisted of an oil terminal for military requirements. The first stage consisted of the construction of pier and piping installations. The second stage was the extension of the pier and the systems to handle the military requirements.

Samsun Fertilizer Plant Pier Repair and Extension

The project involves the repair and extension of the existing pier by 6 m. and 196 steel piles of circular crossection (032″) and 70 m. length were driven. The platform is supported by a combinato of precast and cast in place reinforced concrete beams.

Samsun Fertilizer Plant Jetty

The project covers the construction of a 513 m long concrete piled jetty to accommodate the cooling water system and for loading unloading of 25.000 DWT ships to serve Samsun Fertilizer plant.

Aliağa Refinery Marine Loading Terminal, Izmir

The marine terminal consists of one crude oil discharge terminal suitable for tankers up to 100.000 DWT, one product loading terminal suitable for tankers up to 25.000 DWT. Also, a cargo quay built by 20 t. each precast concrete blocks having a 100 m.

Tuzla D.s.i. Pipe Factory Loading Jetty

The project consists of the construction of a jetty for the transportation of 18 ton concrete pipe units. The pipes were fabricated in Tuzla D.S.I. concrete pipe plant and destined for Istanbul water supply project.