Yanbu Ras-baradi Oil and Cement Jetty

The construction of a jetty to unload oil and cement tankers for cement factory site. The works consisted of a main platform, mooring and breasting dolphins and a causeway connecting the main platform to shore.

çanakkale Cement Factory Jetty

The Project involves the construction of 200 meter long concrete block quay and a piled jetty to accomodate 30.000 DWT vessels and ferry boats including loading – unloading installations. The contract was on turnkey basis including design and construction.

Tobruk Jetties

The works comprise the construction of several jetties for fishery and military purposes. The jetties are composed of a rubble mound approach protected with rock armouring and tetrapods, and a berthing length formed of precast reinforced concrete.

Bağfaş Bandirma Fertilizer Factory

The project covers the construction of dolphin and acid platform, quay reinforcing tampon, piling works for 20.000 tons phosphoric acid tanks and Quay for 1000 tons motors near acid tank base.

Naval Base Construction

The construction of naval base on a turn-key basis including design and execution of rock protection bunds, quays, jetties, structural steel buildings, dredging and reclamation.

Mersin Sea Entrance

The project consists of construction of 185 m long 6 m wide approach bridge, a 20 m long 15 m width manuuever platform, a 30 m long and 15 wide loading platform, 2 nos 10 m x 10m mooring dolphins and 4 nos 10 x 10 m breasting dolphins.