STFA is in Saudi Arabia

STFA is in Saudi Arabia after 15 years with a tunnel project

RIO Trading and Contracting Limited Company has submitted a tender for the “First Part of Design and Construction of the Expansion of King Khalid Bridge Until El Muayssem Road Project” of Ministry of Rural Affairs of Saudi Arabia on 20th July 2004.

Following the announcement of the tender results the client has invited the companies for discount in their tenders with an open tender system. Subsequently on 24th July 2004 a contract has been signed for the project between the client and RIO Trading and Contracting Limited Company for 158,000,000 Saudi Riyals (42,133,000 US Dollars) .

RIO Company has subcontracted the tunnel works of the project to RIO-STFA Construction Co. with a Subcontract Agreement which has been signed on 4th August 2004. The value of the tunnel works is 97,572,676 Saudi Riyals (26,019,000 US Dollars) .

The works cover the design and construction of the 2 vehicular tunnels of length 830 m, having 16 m width and 10 m height . The excavation works of the tunnels have to be completed in 6 months until the Hadj period for pedestrian traffic and also the project has to be finalized with all electrification works in 16 months duration for vehicular traffic. This tunnel shall be a solution for the problems faced especially during the Hadj region.

The tunnel equipment of the project has been purchased from Sweden and transported via air for fast mobilization.