Provisional Acceptance Letter has received for Jeddah Drainage Channels Project

Provisional Acceptance Letter has received for Saudi Arabia “Jeddah Drainage Channels” Project

STFA-ALWAN JV has received Provisional acceptance letter that is dated 28.09.2009 for“Municipality Project No.S4-10173, “Jeddah Refurbishment and Covering of the Flood Channel, Phase I” Project, which was tendered as 3 packages by Jeddah Municipality.

Total contract amount of the project is US$ 92 million and STFA share is US$ 42 million. Project consists of construction works of 2194m-long and (3,25mx2,95m) 6-celled for 1. Package, 6055m-long and  (3,25mx4m) 2 ve (3,25mx2,90m) 3-celled for 2. Package, 7095m-long and  (3,25mx2,95m) 3-celled box culverts.