Muna Project Tunnels 2c – 2d

The project covered the construction of two parallel semi circular horse shoe tunnels 2×1220 m. Long and with diameter of 15,70 m. The tunnels are as part of the transportation system of facilitate the vehicular pilgrimage traffic between Kaabe and Holy.

Makkah Tunnels Leading to Haram King Gate Codai – Al Birkah

The project covered the construction of two vehicular tunnels with dia 17.70m and length 2400m and associated toilet tunnels (dia 12.50m, length 857m.) as part of the Makkah Tunnels Leading to Haram project to facilitate the traffic between Holy Places.

Yanbu Ras-baradi Oil and Cement Jetty

The construction of a jetty to unload oil and cement tankers for cement factory site. The works consisted of a main platform, mooring and breasting dolphins and a causeway connecting the main platform to shore.

Manifa Causeway Project

The contract covers the design and construction of pavement and infrastructure works of 41km causeway, north and south berths and also ro-ro facility. The main work items of the causeway are the construction of a main bridge with 2.4km length, 5 nos of bridges each having 180m length and construction of 8 nos of precast culverts consisting of 250 nos of 5mx3mx3m segments.

Dareen Port Expansion Project

Breakwater, extension of the existing service dock, pontoon construction, various building and infrastructure works are within the scope of the project.