Doha Metro Gold Line Curtain Grouting Works

In the scope of Doha Metro Gold Line Project, curtain grouting is planned for reduction of the groundwater inflow during the construction phase . In order to achieve that various numbers of both vertical and inclined (up to 18° from vertical) boreholes are drilled down to 36m depth and grouted bottom up by single packer grouting method at 5m long stages having 10 to 2 bars of descending pressure criteria.

Epic for Gabbro Berth Expansion (package 1) at Mesaieed Port

The project consists of Construction of breakwaters to create the New Port and Drydock Complex The scope of the project shall consist of, widening of existing channel to Gabbro Berths, deepening of existing basin at Gabbro Berths 1 and 2, dredging of new basin for new Gabbro Berth 3, construction of the 400 m long new quay wall for Gabbro Berth 3, filling and reclamation behind the quay wall, procurement, design and manufacture of Ship to Shore Cranes, construction of substation and carrying out related electrical works.

Design and Construction Of Lng Berth No.4 and Flares

The Project covers the construction of a LNG Loading Berth with 4 Nos Breasting Dolphins and 8 Nos Mooring Dolphins for 250.000 m3 LNG Carries. Lmcb Reclamation, Brekwater Extension, Berth 5 Reclamation Works.

Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning for Container Terminal (berth No. 7) at Mesaieed Port

The cope line for the new Berths 7A and 7B is a straight continuation of the cope line
for the existing Berth 6 and the recently built Temporary Berth 7. Berths 7A and 7B will incorporate the Temporary Berth 7. The combined structure of Berths 7A and 7B will have a final total length of about 485m, including the Temporary Berth 7. The length is defined as the overall length including tie-ins to the existing Berth 6 and the planned Berth 8 (planned Qatalum Jetty).