Water Supply to Cyprus Soğuksu Loading & Kumköy Unloading Project

Design and construction of Fresh Water Supply System to Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic.
. Soğuksu onshore pipeline Ø 560 mm HDPE, 200 m
. Soğuksu offshore pipeline Ø 560 mm HDPE, 837 m
. Kumköy offshore pipeline Ø 560 mm HDPE, 1.823 m
. Kumköy onshore pipeline Ø 600 mm GRP 2.052 m

Iskenderun Sugözü Power Plant Water Intake Structures & Sea Outfall

The project covers the construction of dredging of the 413 meter and 1.273 meter intake and discharge channels of the pipe line both on onshore and offshore, laying and leveling of the bedding material under the pipe lines, installation of Ø2800 mm and Ø2400 mm GRP pipes, manholes, diffusers.

Iskenderun Sugözü Power Plant, Mooring System

The purpose of the project is to secure the 3 vessels of the power plant and provide a safe berth against storms at Iskenderun Bay.
The project covers environmental research & design of storm mooring system, procurement and manufacturing.

Coastal Area Wastewater Project, Construction Of Sea Outfall

The project comprised of the construction of a 900 mm diameter 1860 m long concrete coated steel pipe sea outfall with a 288 m long diffuser section in nominal bores varying from 900 mm to 500 mm. The pipes will be laid upto 26 m deep seabed.