Istanbul Sewerage Project, Kabataş-baltalimani Tunnels

The project comprised the boring of 3 main and 2 branch tunnels, installation of R.C. Pipes in open cut trenches and connection of branch collectors.
The inner diameters of the tunnels vary from 1200 mm to 3600 mm with a total length of 8203 m.

Hereke Tunnel Construction, Izmit

The project covered the construction of a tunnel with a length of 277.5 m and construction of 2 nos of shafts with diameters 7000 and 11000 mm with depths 15.87 and 21.90 m.

Büyükçekmece Tunnel Construction, Istanbul

The project covered the excavation and primary concrete lining works of tunnel with 2800 mm inner diameter and 396 m length, the secondary concrete lining works of tunnel 2455 m, length. 57 m long shaft construction with diameter 110000 mm and also 500 mm.