Atik Dam Project, Küre

The project covered the enlargement and heightening works for the Atık Dam dyke with 278,000 m3 filling material.

Seyhan Potable Water Project, Distribution Lines

The project covered the construction of CTP pipes with various diameters (400 mm – 1000 mm) and total length 45.432 m, PVC pipes with various diameters (80 mm – 300 mm) and total length 23.653 m, diameter 1200 mm alley.

Great Man-made River Project, Phase One Sirt End Reservoir

The Project covered the construction of a reservoir which has a usable storage of 6.8. million cubic meters with a water depth of 12.5 m. The Project comprised bulk excavation, earth fill, granular fill, concrete reservoir lining with geomembrane.

Northern Jeddah Drainage Channel Culvert Project

The Project consisting from 3 packages has a total value of 85.275.959 USD. The first package covers 2194 m. Length (3,25 m x 2,95 m) box culverts with 6 cells. The Section 2 covers 5800 m. length (3,25 m. X 2,90 m. – 3,25 m. X 4 m. ) box culverts with 3 cells. The Section 3 covers 6800 m. length (3,25 m. X 2,95 m. ) box culverts with 3 cells.

Sazlidere Dam and Associated Works

The project covers the construction of a rock fill dam on one of the creeks flowing in the Küçükçekmece Lake on the north side with a reservoir capacity of 91,300,000 cu.m together with the diversion and spillway structures.