Kadincik Ii Hydroelectric Project

The project was an hydroelectric power scheme consisting of a system of dam, intake, diversion tunnel, and powerhouse put into operation on Kadıncık River located about 35 km. West of Adana-Turkey.

Benghazi Main Drainage-phase Ii

The Project comprised the works for Phase II of Benghazi Main Drainage System with 4 main collector outfalls made of reinforced concrete, twin and single box culverts.

Water Distribution Network, Phase Ii, Makkah

The project covers the providing all material, labour, equipment and installation of a water distribution network, setting up valves, valve chambers, water hydrants, fire hydrants and water sewerage connection.

Muna Project Bulk Reservoir No.1, Roof Structure

The project covered the construction of a cable stayed reinforced concrete to shell roof, 330 m in diameter cover for approximately one million water cubic meter circular bulk storage reservoir near Al-Maarsine-Makkah.

Storm Water Drainage Project Of Holy, Makkah

The project covered the drainage lines leading to the new Shoheda Dam, construction of 7000 m. of various types of box culverts and restauration works of Al Hadj Street in accordance with the contract scope and variation orders.

şile Caisson Wells and Darlik Derivation Project, Istanbul

Collection of both sea and river waters (and also a small amount of underground water) into 4 nos of caisson wells and transfer into a new build pump station and transfer of the water by the pumps to Darlık Dam lake through 1000 mm diameter pipes.

Istranca Rivers Kiyiköy Region Early Water Supply Project

Construction of small dams (3 nos) on the rivers flowing to the Black Sea from the Istıranca Mountains and formation of reservoirs and installation of app. 17.5 km of watermains (dia. 1800 mm steel pipes) to the Terkos lake in Istanbul.