Doha Metro Gold Line Curtain Grouting Works

In the scope of Doha Metro Gold Line Project, curtain grouting is planned for reduction of the groundwater inflow during the construction phase . In order to achieve that various numbers of both vertical and inclined (up to 18° from vertical) boreholes are drilled down to 36m depth and grouted bottom up by single packer grouting method at 5m long stages having 10 to 2 bars of descending pressure criteria.

DP World Yarimca Container Terminal Project

In the scope of DP World Yarımca Container Terminal project below listed works are completed
successfully, Geotechnical Design of project is prepared and approvals are received From Consultant and IDV ,Trial JG Designs are carried out and JG parameters are selected , A total 14 954 nos JG columns are constructed with a total of 261.314 m Jet Grouting , Performance Load tests on Single Columns are carried out ,Multi Column Load tests are carried out on selected group of Columns, Visual checks , Rotary corings and UCS tests arecarried out at selected columns, PIT tests are executed on selected columns ,CPT tests are carried at selected zones.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Piling Works Jbr4, Dubai

The piling contract comprise the manufacturing of concrete bored piles in area JBR 4 & 6 of the Jumeirah Beach Residence.
In area JBR 4 the work consists of the manufacturing of 1735 nos of Ø900-Ø1200 mm bored cast in-situ reinforced concrete piles.

Piling Works Related to Sohar Refinery Project

The project covers the manufacturing of 2470 nos of Ø450 mm, 2625 nos of Ø550 mm, 547 nos of Ø600 mm and 154 nos of Ø 900 mm diameter bored cast in-situ reinforced concrete piles. The total length of piles is 54,497 m.