First Oil Well Perforation Opening Ceremony

Related to the Manifa Causeway Project First Oil Well Perforation Opening Ceremony held by Saudi Aramco

Ceremony of first oil well perforation of Manifa Causeway project was held. Saudi Aramco, JDN, STFA and SAIPEM’s (perforated the oil wells) managers were invited and additionally subcontractor company owners were represented at the ceremony.

At the ceremony which is held on 21 Nov 2009, VP of Saudi Aramco told the contribution of Manifa oil region to the country and world economy. 2430m-long main bridge, 180m-long 5 short bridges and 90m-long 8 culvert bridges which were constructed by STFA Marine Construction Co. were praised.

On 28.11.2006 at the bidding of Manifa Causeway Project by Saudi Aramco, Jan De Nul NV made a bid showing STFA Marine Construction Co. as a subcontractor. Contract amount was US$ 1,005,000,000 and it was signed on 04.02.2007. Beside this contract, on 02.03.2007 Jan De Nul NV and STFA Marine Construction Co. have signed a contract which has the amount of US$ 202.500.000.

Aim of the project is constructing 27 islands to the Manifa region at Arabian Gulf, connecting these islands to the land and to themselves by bridges and culverts, hence by the pipelines which are going to be cnstructed in the future, therefore the oil drilled from the islands would be transferred to the land.