Asia and Europa with a Water Conveyance Tunnel

After linking two continents first with a bridge, next with an energy transmission line, STFA is now linking two continents, Asia and Europa with a Water Conveyance Tunnel

OJSC MOSMETROSTROY-ALKE-STFA J.V. has signed a contract on 28.November.2006 with State Hydraulic Works of Turkey for Bosphorus Tunnel Crossing project.

The aim of the project is to supply water for European side of Istanbul from Big Melen River by a tunnel constructed beneath Bosphorus.

The project having a value of 127,527,563 US Dollars comprises of :

Bosphorus Crossing Tunnel with diameter 5820 mm and length 5550m at

135m below sea level.

90m cut and cover tunnel (between Ortaçeşme and Bosphorus)

Beykoz shaft with inner diameter 8m with depth 145m – upto the base of

Bosphorus Tunnel

Access galleries with length 221m at European side of Bosphorus

Tunnel Crossing

Steel lining works of all the tunnels having 4m inner diameter

Electrical and mechanical works