1500t/Hr 4 Unloaders have arrived Qatar

Gabbro Berth Expansion Project consists of and with a capacity of 1500t/Hr 4 Unloaders have arrived Qatar and set down to Berth 3 which is constructed by STFA

With a capacity of 1500T/Hr 4 Unloaders (Ship to Shore Gantry Crane), which are provided from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and in the scope of the project that’s been performing by STFA Marine Construction Co. arrived at Qatar on 24.01.2010.

The ship, which has carried 4 unloaders, departed from South Korea’s Mokpo Port on 28.12.2009 and after the 27 day-long travel approached the Berth 3, which was constructed by STFA, without a problem.

According to the set down-operation, which was prepared by Hyundai in a detailed form and with the approvals needed, it is planned that one unloader will be set down each day. After the preperations on-shore and off-shore, first unloader was set down and put on rails on 27.01.2010

Set down-operation of the second unloader has been done by participation of the managers of STFA and Qatar Petroleum on 28.01.2010.

Setting down the fourth unloader without a problem and putting on the rails the operation was successfully completed on 31st of January.