Piling Works Related to Sohar Refinery Project

The project covers the manufacturing of 2470 nos of Ø450 mm, 2625 nos of Ø550 mm, 547 nos of Ø600 mm and 154 nos of Ø 900 mm diameter bored cast in-situ reinforced concrete piles. The total length of piles is 54,497 m.

Hubara-sahmah and Sahmah-kp114 Pipeline Replacement

To replace the existing 28″Hubara BVS-1 to Sahmah by a 32″ or 36″ and decomissioned old 28″ Sahmah to Quarn Alam Kp-114 pipelines. The project must be delivered by Q1 2008 in order to provide the required additional capacity for evacuation of crude.

Quriyat-sur Road Construction Project

The works under this Contract comprise the construction of 62 km 4-lane dual carriageway having 2 lanes in each direction and 4.5 m earth-median between the two carriageways.

Dualization Of Bid Bid Sur Section 1 Package 1b, Oman

The contract includes construction of 75 km 2 x 2 highway, 9 crossings with bridges, 1 underpass, 4 overpass, 50 km 1 x 1 service road and the lighting works for the whole route. Bridge structures involve precast deck beams, numerous multi-cell culverts, 50 kms of service roads.