Construction Of Sirt Sewerage System Sirt

The project location is 400 m to the sea in Sirte and the project involves the construction of A/C and GRP Pipe Main Collectors. D/I pipe rising mains, 5 nos Pumping Station and Sewage Treatment Plant including electro-mechanical installations.

Benghazi Main Drainage-phase Ii

The Project comprised the works for Phase II of Benghazi Main Drainage System with 4 main collector outfalls made of reinforced concrete, twin and single box culverts.

Great Man-made River Project, Phase One Sirt End Reservoir

The Project covered the construction of a reservoir which has a usable storage of 6.8. million cubic meters with a water depth of 12.5 m. The Project comprised bulk excavation, earth fill, granular fill, concrete reservoir lining with geomembrane.

Underground Installations

The works involved the construction of underground storage tanks for fuel, water and ammunition together with access and connection tunnels.

Azzawiya Refining Company New Seawater Intake Project

The project scope of work include installation of 2 No’s of Submarine Steel Pipelines 1400 mm. diameter, dredging a underwater trench gravel filling, underwater concreting, laying GRP chlorination pipes and cathodic protection cables.