Kinali-Sakarya Highway (including Second Bosphorus Bridge)

The contract consisted of four lots including construction of a suspension bridge having 1090 m main span between two towers having 105 m height. Deck of the bridge is 39 meters wide and is at 64 meters from sea level. Total length of the roads is 220 km.

ümraniye-altunizade Motorway, Istanbul

Construction of 5263 m long 2×2 motorway between Ümraniye-Altunizade connecting the first and the second ring roads, 9217 m long 1×2 side roads, miscellaneous ancillary roads and junction roads.

Quriyat-sur Road Construction Project

The works under this Contract comprise the construction of 62 km 4-lane dual carriageway having 2 lanes in each direction and 4.5 m earth-median between the two carriageways.

Dualization Of Bid Bid Sur Section 1 Package 1b, Oman

The contract includes construction of 75 km 2 x 2 highway, 9 crossings with bridges, 1 underpass, 4 overpass, 50 km 1 x 1 service road and the lighting works for the whole route. Bridge structures involve precast deck beams, numerous multi-cell culverts, 50 kms of service roads.