Bursa-çan Natural Gas Pipeline

Construction of 212 km Bursa-Çan natural gas pipeline of which 74 km of 24″, 30 km of 16″, 105 km of 12″ and 3 km of 8″ diameter pipes. The project also consists of the supply, construction and erection of 4 pigging stations and 2 regulating and metering.

Erzurum-doğu Bayazit Natural Gas Pipeline

Survey, planning, design, material supply, construction, hydro-testing and commissioning of 301 km, 48 inch diameter natural gas pipeline on turnkey basis. The project includes SCADA, cathodic protection and allied facilities.

Hubara-sahmah and Sahmah-kp114 Pipeline Replacement

To replace the existing 28″Hubara BVS-1 to Sahmah by a 32″ or 36″ and decomissioned old 28″ Sahmah to Quarn Alam Kp-114 pipelines. The project must be delivered by Q1 2008 in order to provide the required additional capacity for evacuation of crude.