Quriyat-sur Road Construction Project

The works under this Contract comprise the construction of 62 km 4-lane dual carriageway having 2 lanes in each direction and 4.5 m earth-median between the two carriageways.

Dualization Of Bid Bid Sur Section 1 Package 1b, Oman

The contract includes construction of 75 km 2 x 2 highway, 9 crossings with bridges, 1 underpass, 4 overpass, 50 km 1 x 1 service road and the lighting works for the whole route. Bridge structures involve precast deck beams, numerous multi-cell culverts, 50 kms of service roads.

Construction of Substructures and Caissons of Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge

The project covers; 2×55000 t Caissons as Tower Foundations to be placed to a depth of -40m on seabed including dredging, driving of 390 no’s of Inclusion Piles and Bedding works, Construction of Dry Dock and Wet Dock for Caisson Production, Diaphragm Wall Construction at South Anchorage Area, Anchorage Structures positioned on both side of the Bridge, Approach Bridges Piers and Side Spans Piers for both North and South Site, Reclamation & Revetment works for the South Anchorage Area.

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Caissons for the İzmit Bay Crossing Project