STFA Celebrated 80 Anniversary

Founded on mutual ideals of Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya and placed among the most prestigious corporations of our country, STFA Group completed 80 years. With the history witnessing the development of the Republic, STFA fitted many “firsts” in its 80 years of history and took a leading part in development of the sector.

STFA’s First Sustainability Report Received Three Awards In The U.S.

STFA Investment Holding’s first sustainability report received three communication awards at the 2014 Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing Competition, organized by the U.S.-based communication platform, LACP LLC (League of American Communications Professionals).

Our report, considered in the Hybrid Media (Combination of Print, Web/Multimedia and/or Video) category, distinguished itself among thousands of applications from 12 countries in Asia, Europe and America.

Evaluated in nine separate criteria, as varied as creativity, artwork, readability, message clarity, ease of navigation, variety of features, audience focus, perceived relevance and first impression, our report earned a perfect 100 points from the judges and earned the awards listed below.

Qatar Metro Gold Line

“Qatar Metro Gold Line” project was undertaken. The project is the biggest one to be undertaken by STFA to date, and it’s also the biggest project undertaken by a Turkish contractor abroad.

İLK (FIRST) the Book

“İLK” (FIRST) book was published. STFA collected its first 75 years in the book (Geçmişten Geleceğe STFA – STFA from Past to Future) “İLK” and shared with the public.

KM 441 Exhibit

“STFA – KM 441 İlkler (Firsts)” Exhibit was opened. STFA unearthed its archives, an important source for the Turkish Contracting Sector, on the occasion of its 75th year with the “KM 441 İlkler” Exhibit at İstanbul Modern.

Khan Academy Türkçe

Khan Academy Türkçe was realized. Thanks to a collaboration with Bilimsel ve Teknik Yayınları Çeviri Vakfı (Scientific and Technical Publications Translation Foundation), an STFA foundation, anyone who needs it will be able to reach Khan Academy, which aims to make it possible for anyone, anytime to get a world-quality education, in Turkish.