• Establishment of Sezai Türkeş – Feyzi Akkaya Partnership (STFA).
  • Malatya Bridges in Turkey. STFA’s first large scale contract.
  • Construction of the first 154 kV Energy Transmission Line in Turkey.
  • Completion of Turkey’s first telephone network within the scope of the NATO Infrastructure Project.
  • Construction of 1800m long NATO Dörtyol Oil Pier, the longest jetty ever built in Turkey.
  • Completion of Bartın Harbor. Turkey’s first submarine base.
  • Marine Terminal of Aliağa Refinery in Turkey; first ever use of a jack-up platform designed by Feyzi Akkaya.
  • First utilization of a tunnel boring machine (“TBM”) in Turkey at Kadıncık II HEPP.
  • Construction of Tripoli Harbor in Libya. STFA’s and a Turkish Contractor’s first international contract.
  • Design and manufacture of a 1,200 ton gantry crane for the launching of caissons for Tripoli Harbor in Libya.
  • Establishment of the Feyzi Akkaya Temel Education Foundation for the provision of scholarships in vocational training.
  • Muna Tunnels in Makkah. STFA becomes the first Turkish Contractor operating in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Completion of a 220 kV, 145 km Energy Transmission Line. STFA’s first contract in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Soil investigation works at the Dimyat Port Extension. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Egypt.
  • Jask, Qeshm and Lengeh Ports in Persian Gulf. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Iran.
  • Honorary Doctorate Degrees awarded to Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya from Istanbul Technical University.
  • Gabes Port. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Tunisia.
  • Construction of the Second Bosphorus Bridge and the 230 km section of the Motorway Project in Istanbul, Turkey. The bridge is the sixth longest amongst similar suspension bridges in the world.
  • First utilization of jet grouting in Turkey in the Istanbul Sewerage Project.
  • First utilization of Cast-in-situ Free Cantilever Method in Kömürhan Bridge in Turkey.
  • Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya are the first recipients of the “Turkish State Great Service Medal and Certificate” in recognition of their excellent work in engineering and contracting in Turkey and abroad.
  • Establishment of the İnanç Foundation with the goal of providing free education for gifted but economically disadvantaged high school students.
  • Construction of the Galata Bridge for which the combination of diameter, length and quantity of piles ranks the foundation of this bridge amongst the largest known in engineering.
  • Construction of two sections of the Indus Highway. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Pakistan.
  • Construction of the highest chimney ever built in Turkey with a height of 275m for the Orhaneli Thermal Power Plant Project.
  • Completion of a 500 kV, 374 km Energy Transmission Line. STFA’s first project in Turkmenistan.
  • Construction of Turkey’s first LNG Terminal Project. 1997 Completion of a 735 kV Bosphorus Energy Transmission Line Crossing in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 500 kV Egypt – Jordan Interconnection Project building the intercontinental connection between Asia and Africa.
  • Manufacturing and placing of a 1600 mm diameter HDPE pipe at a water depth of 50 meters for the first time in the world for the Antalya Sea Outfall Project.
  • Sohar Port works. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Oman.
  • Lakhdaria-Bouria Highway Tunnel works. STFA’s first contract in Algeria.
  • Ras Laffan Port Service Berth works. STFA becomes the first Turkish contractor in Qatar.
  • Piled Foundation works for DMRC Viaducts from Trinagar to Rithala. STFA’s first contract in India.
  • Establishment of ECAP to continue and enhance delivering innovative engineering solutions and consultancy services along with project management by utilizing the know-how accumulated within the STFA Construction Group over the years.
  • Completion of 1795 meters of tunnel excavation works in 2.5 months for the King Khalid Tunnel Project in Saudi Arabia.
  • Establishment of the Al Habtoor -STFA Soil Group L.L.C. in Dubai with the local Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprise Co. L.L.C.
  • Manifa Causeway Project, Longest Bridge in Saudi Arabia.
  • Duqm Port in Oman; Construction of one of the World’s largest port commences.
  • EPIC for Container Terminal Berth 7 in Qatar; STFA is awarded its largest EPIC Contract.
  • Construction Group’s annual turnover reaches peak figure of 700 Million USD.
  • Deep Sea Foundation and Infrastructure Construction project for İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, one of the world’s longest bridges in the world by its central span, was undertaken
  • “Small Boat Harbours Project,” the first in Kuwait, was undertaken
  • “New Safi Port Project,” the first in Morocco, was undertaken
  •  Khan Academy Türkçe was realized. Thanks to a collaboration with Bilimsel ve Teknik Yayınları Çeviri Vakfı (Scientific and Technical Publications Translation Foundation), an STFA foundation, anyone who needs it will be able to reach Khan Academy, which aims to make it possible for anyone, anytime to get a world-quality education, in Turkish.
  • “STFA – KM 441 İlkler (Firsts)” Exhibit was opened. STFA unearthed its archives, an important source for the Turkish Contracting Sector, on the occasion of its 75th year with the “KM 441 İlkler” Exhibit at İstanbul Modern.
  • “İLK” (FIRST) book was published. STFA collected its first 75 years in the book (Geçmişten Geleceğe STFA – STFA from Past to Future) “

    ” and shared with the public.

  •  Caissons for the İzmit Bay Crossing Project, four-storey high and weighing 25 thousand tons, constructed in dry dock, were floated and sunk.
  • “Qatar Metro Gold Line” project was undertaken. The project is the biggest one to be undertaken by STFA to date, and it’s also the biggest project undertaken by a Turkish contractor abroad.